Short story about a trip

Dear Alicia,

I´ve just arrived home – I had to come back earlier than I thought. Unfortunately, a ‘borrachudo’ (a damn kind of mosquito found in Brazil) kissed my left foot during a barbecue party two days ago in Gramado.

Thanks to it, while I was flying to Belo Horizonte yesterday, my foot turned into a kind of huge and monstrous red ball  (American football ball, I mean). To top it off, right after I had landed Congonhas airport a very terrifying storm began in São Paulo and the airport – of course – was closed. Any airplaine could neither land nor take off for three hours.

When I finally arrived in Belo Horizonte, my foot was definitely horrible – and I was awfully late for the cocktail party I had that night (the reason of this whole trip). As soon as I arrived at the hotel, around 8:30pm (almost 12 hours after my departure from Gramado), I had a shower, got dressed up and headed for the party I was expected to be. Right after it, I had the opportunity to meet not the amazing venue I was told about, but the E.R. at Vera Cruz hospital Belo Horizonte downtown! To cap it all, there were two doctors on duty: a handsome young doc (a yummy surfer type) and a friendly-chubby one (not exactly the kind of guy a girl dream about).

Just guess who helped me?
Yeeeaaahh! That´s right. Exactly.  The latter one.

After this eventful day, I decided to bring forward my return trip and I flew back home this morning. At least, my foot is getting a bit better thanks to the medicine the friendly-chubby doctor told me to take.

A história aí foi escrita em 2009 nas inspiradas aulas com o teacher Mario Galinatti.